providing tools for oxidative stress research

(EPR grade spin trap for free radicals,no purification is needed)

TAC-Peroxyl: Total Antioxidant Assay Kit (against peroxyl radical)
CAT-240:  Catalase Assay Kit (UV rate assay for catalase activity)
CAT-650:  Catalase Assay Kit (visible wavelength end-point assay)
SOD-560: Superoxide Dismutase SOD Assay Kit
            (for CuZnSOD, MnSOD or total SOD activity)
MPO-412:  Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit
             (for highly specific chlorination activity)
Superoxide/TOS - Luminol:  Superoxide Assay Kit or
         Total Oxidant Species Assay Kit
             (cellular oxidative burst test with non-toxic enhancer)

(We accept customer samples (serum or plasma, CSF, semen
plasma, tissue biopsy, urine, tea, wine, fruits, vegetables and
botanical extracts) for the determination of oxidative stress
enzymes and small-molecule biomarkers, total antioxidant
capacity, EPR-based radical scavenging capabilities)
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Applied Bioanalytical Labs
is a company focused on
providing research
community with fine
chemicals and
ready-to-use reagent kits
to study reactive oxygen
species, free radicals and
antioxidants in biological
systems.  We also provide
total antioxidant assay
service and assay services
for other oxidative stress
biomarkers.  We take pride
in quality of our products
and services.  Please
contact us to obtain further
details about our products
and services.    
BMPO, 50 mg
EPR certified, highly
purified, ready-to-use
Oxidative Stress Kits
Simplicity, minimal
sample preparation
Contract Assays
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